Harun Güler

Best Music Video
A LOVE-HATE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN TWO MEN ENDS UP IN A BLOODY BATTLE. Harun Güler is a Berlin based director and artist. His work ranges from fashion film and music videos to video installations, exploring the boundaries of documentary and fiction while carefully blurring the line between art and commerce. Born and raised in Germany by Turkish parents, Güler's main area of interest remains masculinity and traditions in the everyday, framed within a more specific Middle Eastern context. His professional background is video editing and post production in Munich, Istanbul and London. His work has featured on: NOWNESS, SHOWstudio, Berlin Fashion Film Festival, BAFTA qualifying Aesthetica Short Film Festival i.a.

Director Statement

There is a blurred line between violence and sexual intimacy.

I wanted to explore this idea more in this video since I have always been amazed by the aesthetic aspect of physical violence. The slow motion technique helped me to push the clash of the two fighters to a more sensual space.

The collaboration between Pooma and me was really seamless as it felt like we wanted to convey a similar state of mind through our works. It is an invaluable feeling when you are being trusted and not feel compromised within your creative process.


Harun Güler

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