‘A Greenlander’ follows Pierre Auzias (66) a French Painter fully integrated in Uummaanaq, a settlement 450 miles north of the arctic circle in Greenland.

Pierre speaks Greenlandic, travels by dog sled and teaches art therapy to neglected children.

After 14 years in Greenland, Annie, Pierre’s partner, retires from her position as the town Doctor and returns to France. Pierre then spends an agonising 9 months in limbo, waiting to find out if the Danish Authorities will grant him citizenship.

Director – Nicholas Jones

Growing up in Walsall, England I dreamt of escaping and making films in distant lands. For many years this seemed like pure fantasy but over the last 10 years, this has started to become a reality. My last film was shot entirely in the high arctic of Greenland where I discovered as much about myself as the characters in the film.

For me, filmmaking has provided a way for me to express myself and also provided a vehicle to experience the richness of life. I am constantly looking outside for opportunities to experience other cultures and to travel. Searching for new experiences has broadened my perspectives on life and helped with my development as a filmmaker.



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