2020 Winners

2020 Winners


Adrian Bol

Best Feature Film

When an ex-CIA agent’s (Scott Adkins) daughter is kidnapped by Russian agents he is forced to team up with Sasha, a mysterious Ukrainian woman to track down a video incriminating the Russian government in her abduction.

The Mountain & The Maiden

Shmuel Hoffman and Anton von Heiseler

Best Student Documentary

This is the story of a day in the life of Aspiya. A 10-year-old girl living with her younger brother, older sister and parents in a one-room-shack in New Delhi near Asia’s biggest landfill.

Aspiya is the main supporter of her family. Every single day she walks up the landfill in order to collect trash that then will later be sold to companies that reuse the materials for their products.

While the subtext is pollution, child labor, our modern lifestyle of waste the main thing is that you can be happy no matter the circumstances.

This film is about the human crave for happiness and how, despite dire circumstances, your outlook on life determines the inner quality of your life.

The Film About The Propellerman

Johannes Bachmann

Best Student Film

Josef wants to fly with a propeller hat and Claudius wants to shoot his graduation film about Josef. But neither is that easy…


Niklas Straub

Best Student Director

Elenore’s boyfriend, Danny, plays a wrong game with her and tries to drive her into prostitution by using the lover boy scheme.


David Mandell

Best Short Film

A woman who had lost her husband to cancer without health insurance must live in her car with her son trying to fight out of homelessness, all the while never revealing the severity of their circumstances.

Francisco El Hombre – Matilha

Los Pibes

Best Music Video

A poetized retrospective of the events that took place during the first year of the “new politics.”


Matilha comes as a response to Brazil’s self-titled “new politics”. Through the allegory of a big demonstration, the film features metaphors of key events that have interfered and regressed public, social and ecological policies since 2018. Representing the key groups affected by this old way of governing, the clip shows the strength of these minorities when fighting collectively. The enemy? 3 conservative personas that prevail in the history of the country: the ruralist, the entrepreneur and the military.

Open Water

Dan McDougall

Best Short Documentary

Today Greenland feels to be at the centre of many different issues facing our changing world. The unspoken truth is the perfect storm of a changing climate, and the rapid encroachment of the modern age has already dramatically impacted the Arctic people – forcing them to cope with change beyond their immediate control in the present – not the future. The short film, Open Water, is a triptych narrative, based on the lives of three Greenlanders; a Hunter, a Ship’s Captain and a Fisherman, individuals whose very existence and heritage is intertwined with the Arctic Ocean. Like many who live in the polar north, their fortunes straddle the extremes of summer and winter. In the best of times, they can fish, hunt and be free of one of the harshest landscapes known to man. In the worst of times, they are exposed to the climate crisis and stranded between Arctic storms and an unforgiving icy interior. At the heart of a warming planet, open water, an ocean without ice, offers both economic opportunity for fishermen in terms of access to Halibut grounds in winter and a longer tourism season, but also cultural decay in terms of traditional ways of life like sled dog hunting. Faced with the looming spectre of a drastically changing environment, these seafarers hold a complex range of emotions as they reflect on both their past, their present and future.

Bonne Conduite

Théo Semeteys

Best Student Film

Fred, a driving instructor, hits a girl on the street. Thinking that she died instantly, he decides to put the body in the trunk and go to his driving course as if nothing had happened. What he does not know is that the girl is still alive.

In October (5′)

GimEnez Bros.

Best Soundtrack

Mainly classical academic training, throughout our professional career we have developed in other musical fields such as Conduction, Interpretation, Production and Recording, specialized in music for Cinema, TV, Performing Arts and Symphonic Music. We develop our work with different and contrasting musical styles: Classical, Pop, Rock, Electronic, Jazz, World Music, or different fusions of these styles with Contemporary or Traditional Symphonic and Chamber Music.


Shamila Lengsfeld

Best Director

The Hawking virus has destroyed humanity. Life is barely existent, dangerous hawkers roam the land, driven by blood thirst and also dangerous Looters are lurking around. Falter and Mila, two women belong to the few remaining humans who fight daily for their survival. In a world where there is little hope left, is it worth trusting a stranger?


Johannes Olszewski

Best Experimental

High above the sacred Navajo land of Monument Valley, two hot air balloons float, circling each other as if in a dance. One carries the German flag, the other that of the United States. A closer look reveals that the balloons are not only tethered together, but that a person is walking on this thin, connecting line.

This is the sight that the protagonist of the short film #buildingbridges beholds, as he steps out of his humble Utah home and looks up at the sky. An old and lonely man, he finds his own courage through the actions of these strangers.

This balancing act in movie form by the young creative agency One Inch Dreams was commissioned by the German Embassy as a tribute to German-American friendship.

In October 2018 the production company One Inch Dreams captured unique pictures in Americas wild west. Those key visuals for the campaign “Wunderbar together“ of the German year in the US are the groundation of three movies that got finished after one and a half years of work. The production of the films has been characterized by difficult circumstances and extraordinary challenges.

On a knife-edge was also the balance act of extreme sports athlete Niklas Winter who kept it together during this symbolic slackline crossing.


Ben Damon

Best Feature Documentary

Le Champion is the story about the life and career of one of Australia’s unknown world sporting champions, Sakio Bika, this is a journey about poverty, prejudice, determination and one man’s quest for acceptance.



Best Student Producer

A sixteen years old teenager Haoran escapes from his home when his parents decide to live abroad. Instead, he lives with his classmate, Luyang, at the shabby city village in downtown Shenzhen that is bound to be reconstructed. At an exhibition held here, he cannot take his eyes off a photo of the back of a “beer girl”.

During Haoran’s stay, the maturity of Luyang’s sister, Shiyan, makes Haoran’s heart flutter. However, in a wandering caused by his insomnia, Haoran accidentally discovers that the “beer girl” is Shiyun. Out of a desire to protect and possess her, Luyang goes to the food stall every night and saves her from people who try to make Shiyun drunk regardless of her own will.

The seeming peace maintains until Haoran saves Shiyun from a sexual assault. He takes away the photo at the exhibition and tears it apart to express what he feels. Then, Haoran encounters the soft side of Shiyun who is so sophisticated and rarely reveals her own weaknesses. Haoran forbids Shiyun to work at night, but Shiyun does not listen. She disappears in darkness as usual.

Haoran leaves the village and meets Shiyun‘s photograph again.

A Poem in Bamboo

Chun-Yao Chang and XuFei Wu

Best Animation

Life is not always smooth. When bad things happen, some people are lucky enough to move on, but not the old lady A-Yuan. Either because of the deepest love to her lover or social constriction, that women should belong to her husband. A-Yuan was trapped in the past after the death of her lover. The big house contains lots of memories; the illusion of happiness lives that created by A-yuan and those good times between the nephew and A-Yuan when he was a kid.

However, there is no way to stop the time or go back to the past. For those who are unwilling to move forward, there must be a story behind it. And that is difficult for outsiders to understand what they have been through. This film is a glimpse of a traditional silence woman who doesn’t talk much but has lots of secrets in her mind.


Anna Weinstein

Best Screenplay

Walter Treppiedi

Elena Bouryka

Best Actor

Walter, a con artist, drives around the city with his sick guard dog in the back. Sometimes successful, other times less so, Walter keeps tricking people, until an acquaintance dares him to go two minutes without telling a lie.


Molly Vernon

Best Producer

A teenager cares for her younger sibling and multi-ethnic local orphans in the face of danger after her Grandmother is killed surrendering to the Mexican Army toward the end of the Texas Revolution.

Bark Script

Laura Coleman, Mark Heywood and Hailey Escobar

Best Screenplay

A teenage biracial girl struggles to come to terms with her identity in a racially driven world.

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