The Phoenix

Apurba Pal Arko

Best Director

This story is not about a girl who was raped. It’s not about her forced-marriage with the rapist at the same day. It’s not about the society that forced her. And not about the rapist husband and his “want-to-rape-the girl-tonight” friends either.

This is about a girl who was reborn the same day.

Apurba Pal Arko has been passionate about Stories and Music since childhood. While doing his graduation, he found his new love – theatre. He got obsessed and has worked as a director, a writer and a music director in theatre productions for several years; later on, he joined a video production company. Starting from there, he has worked on set and behind the camera of several video productions; short films, documentaries, TV commercials, social communication videos, etc.

Currently he is successfully working as a copywriter, while keeping his passion for filmmaking alight.

Apurba Pal Arko

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