A Love Worth Fighting For is set in the opening month of the First World War, August 1914. But it is not a war film, rather an anti-war film, and a love story. It is meticulously researched and

historically accurate.

Just after every major European power has been drawn into a conflict they do not know how to

fight, politicians and generals are sleepwalking their way towards unimaginable catastrophe with

all the arrogance that defined the Edwardian age. The conflict will become enormous, the scale

of destruction almost inconceivable.

Against this epic backdrop, the film throws into relief the lives of just two men. They are

insignificant players in one of the twentieth century’s greatest tragedies. But their stories are no

less poignant and compelling for it.

A Love Worth Fighting For examines immense concepts – the futility of war, nationality, love,

fidelity and human compassion – from the perspective of an English officer and a German


The result is unique. It is poignant, compelling and sad. It asks difficult questions. Yet ultimately,

it ends with hope. Because without hope, what do we have…?

Director Biography

Toby wrote, directed and produced A Love Worth Fighting For (2022), a standalone film and pilot for a period television series. The series is now in development for a streaming platform with him as executive producer.

Toby is executive producer on several feature films, including Shooting Star, which he wrote.

Refugee Superstar, an epic television drama series written and produced by Toby, has attracted

an A-list director and transatlantic attention, even in its pre-production stages.

He has written nine other feature film and television projects with several more in development.

He runs his own production company, filmFOUNTAINE, and has established and is part-owner of two other London-based production companies.

Instagram: @toby.fountaine

Project website: www.aloveworthfightingfor.com

Director’s website: www.tobyfountaine.com


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