Céline Ufenast

Best Experimental

An experimental short about our love-hate relationship with Instagram and our photo-editing mania.

Director Biography

Céline Ufenast is a Swiss experimental Animation Director based in London, UK. Her work tackles contemporary themes such as digital culture and human (dis)connections. She explores a wide range of media in her films, from 2D hand-drawn to video and digital collages.


Director Statement

The film explores the relationship so many young people have with Instagram and overall with social platforms in today’s hyperconnected world. Based on first hand experiences collected through interviews, Scroll Alice is a virtual conversation about our ‘social-mania’ and denial.

Visually, I chose to work with digital media exclusively sourced online to recreate and expand the process of curation that we dedicate to our online presence, where there is a limitation to what we are willing to show and look like.

My hope is to create a piece that leaves room for different levels of interpretation, and hopefully will engage with the audience either conceptually or visually.



Céline Ufenast

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