Good Luck Chuck

Peter Pastuszek

Best Screenplay

For a long time David is captured in a life filled with depression, low self-esteem, and an extreme shyness regarding other people, especially women. After a sudden cancer diagnosis David decides not to start chemotherapy, and therefore to put an end to his sad life. His last wish: A journey to New York.

Hardly arrived there, he meets the astonishing and slightly crazy Coco that promptly employs herself as his personal tour guide. Her mission: To show David the most beautiful places in her world, and to finally make this timid man get out of his shell.

Writer Biography 

Peter Pastuszek was born in Poland in 1986. He moved to Germany at a young age and lives there ever since. If he´s not working in his 40 hours job, he pursues his dream of becoming an author. Peter has created numerous movies scripts or tv series / sitcom scripts over the last decade. As a comedy author in Germany he participated in writer´s rooms for TV-sitcoms, wrote episodes for those shows and he wrote for sketch shows. In 2018 Peter took one of his movie scripts (Good Luck Chuck), transformed it into a novel and self-published it on Amazon. He´s currently finishing his second novel.

Peter Pastuszek

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