David Mandell

Best Short Film

A woman who had lost her husband to cancer without health insurance must live in her car with her son trying to fight out of homelessness, all the while never revealing the severity of their circumstances.

Director Biography

David Mandell is currently in development on adapting two best selling novels, The Futures by Anna Pitoniak and Every Note Played, Lisa Genova’s follow up to Still Alice. Southpaw Entertainment is currently producing both projects.


Director Statement

16,000 people will be living in their car tonight. In Los Angeles County alone. There is a certain stigma to the homeless population. In reality medical debt, student loans, the rise of housing costs and higher rents or lack of credit can cause families to live without a roof over their head. LIKE TURTLES is meant to start conversations of two large issues plaguing our country, the growing homeless population and crippling medical debt that sends families to these circumstances. This film is meant to start a dialogue. And maybe next time you see someone alone or with a family asking for money, you may think to yourself, I see them as human, and not “other.”

David Mandell

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