A Man in Chain

Alireza Mirasadollah

Best Short Documentary

Issa is a 29 year old man held by chains. In the past 14 years, through winter and summer, rainy seasons and drought, he has been tethered around a thick, solid tree root within the sight of the family hut. He cannot move beyond the earthen circle allowed by his two-meter-thick metal chain.

Director Biography


Alireza Mirasadollah is an award-winning director/producer with 12 years experience at the BBC and Iran International TV as a journalist and documentary maker with a total of 24 years in media having begun as an animator in New Zealand 1997.


– The Girl with Blue Eyes (2020)

– Winner of the Spotlight Short Film Award

– Winner of the Heritales – International Heritage Film Festival Awards for Best Short Documentary

– Winner of the Grand OFF – World Independent Short Film Awards for Best Documentary

– Winner of the UNESCO Award in Lisbon for Best Short documentary www.heritales.org/wp/winners2020/

– Abdul Majid’s Goat (2019)

Nominated in AIBs International Media Excellence Awards 2019 for the Best Cultural Documentary

– The Girl with Curly Hair (2020)

Roxbury International Film Festival

The Pan African Film Festival

– KaiRA (2021)

Nominee of London Shorts Film Festival

Alireza Mirasadollah

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