A Poem in Bamboo

Chun-Yao Chang and XuFei Wu

Best Animation

Life is not always smooth. When bad things happen, some people are lucky enough to move on, but not the old lady A-Yuan. Either because of the deepest love to her lover or social constriction, that women should belong to her husband. A-Yuan was trapped in the past after the death of her lover. The big house contains lots of memories; the illusion of happiness lives that created by A-yuan and those good times between the nephew and A-Yuan when he was a kid.

However, there is no way to stop the time or go back to the past. For those who are unwilling to move forward, there must be a story behind it. And that is difficult for outsiders to understand what they have been through. This film is a glimpse of a traditional silence woman who doesn’t talk much but has lots of secrets in her mind.

Director Biography

Xufei Wu is a 3D artist with specialties including but not limited to lighting, animation and storyboard. He comes from a strong 2D background and will continue using his 2D aesthetics as his ultimate inspiration. After years of drawing on paper, he discovered that tablets and computer software are very powerful tools to create exciting images. His last semester in college introduced him to Maya. Since then he has found a completely new way of playing with lights.

Chun Yao is a CGI artist and Compositor. He was a graphic designer, AAA game artist and stereo artist in the industry for years until he became a MFA student and found his enthusiasm to the compositing and matte painting. He deepened his learning in lighting, and shading and live action compositing which makes him good at visualizing the stories and bring the fantasy, moody atmosphere into his works.

Director Statement


Culture takes a crucial part in the forming of my art style, as I grew up in the region of Yangtze River. It can be classified as Chinese in a broader sense, but still there is some local uniqueness. I bring ink painting, calligraphy, literature, history into my art, but most importantly, I like to observe the people and their life there, because I believes life is the source where all the fantasies and souls of artworks come from. Art to me, like cooking, is a profound method of having conversations with an old civilization.


We humans can never keep things at exactly the same circumstance due of the change of time and environment. It takes courage to face the change and move forward.

From my perspective, people love to learn from other people’s stories and try to find out the answer of their own question, especially when facing the challenges. Because of the reason, I feel it very interesting to use the power of CG art to visualizing the fighting histories of “normal people” hopefully to bring audiences courage, inspiration, or just make them feel calm when they know they are not alone.


Chun-Yao Chang and XuFei Wu

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