Best Student Producer

A sixteen years old teenager Haoran escapes from his home when his parents decide to live abroad. Instead, he lives with his classmate, Luyang, at the shabby city village in downtown Shenzhen that is bound to be reconstructed. At an exhibition held here, he cannot take his eyes off a photo of the back of a “beer girl”.

During Haoran’s stay, the maturity of Luyang’s sister, Shiyan, makes Haoran’s heart flutter. However, in a wandering caused by his insomnia, Haoran accidentally discovers that the “beer girl” is Shiyun. Out of a desire to protect and possess her, Luyang goes to the food stall every night and saves her from people who try to make Shiyun drunk regardless of her own will.

The seeming peace maintains until Haoran saves Shiyun from a sexual assault. He takes away the photo at the exhibition and tears it apart to express what he feels. Then, Haoran encounters the soft side of Shiyun who is so sophisticated and rarely reveals her own weaknesses. Haoran forbids Shiyun to work at night, but Shiyun does not listen. She disappears in darkness as usual.

Haoran leaves the village and meets Shiyun‘s photograph again.

Director Biography 


Graduated from Beijing Film Academy as director and editor.

Director works: “HuBei No More” | “The Sunstroke” | “Be A Man” | “Unstoppable”

Editor works: ” Cuba Liberty” | “Pulse”

“Pulse” won the best director, best LGBTQ film, best actress, and best young actor on Los Angeles Film Awards 2019

“Unstoppable” won the best picture, the best director, the best production on Beijing Film Academy 2019 Co-operated Graduation Projects Panorama

“Cuba Liberty” won the best experimental short on 11th XIANLI Awards


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