Seiva Bruta (Under the Heavens)

Gustavo Milan

Best Student Film

Marta, a young Venezuelan mother, is immigrating to Brazil when she meets a struggling young couple with a baby girl. Her ability to breastfeed causes their fates to become forever entwined.

Director Biography 

Brazilian based in New York City.

Currently attending the Graduate Film Program at NYU/Tisch.


Director Statement

“Seiva Bruta/ Under the Heavens” is about the pain of abandonment, and how the current political crisis in Venezuela has strongly impacted the structure and stability of Venezuelan families.

This film is a result of a long field research, where we were able to travel to the border of Brazil with Venezuela and listen to the people facing such difficulties. Only after that we felt authorized to write a story that reflects such reality.

Although these researches served us as a starting point to the development of the script, they also greatly affected the way we visually conceived the film. As an example, the decision to shoot in 16mm was intrinsically connected with the theme of motherhood. The unique and nostalgic look of the 16mm film helped us to enhance the emotional state of the characters, mainly the lead (Marta). A deep sense of loss and absence was then brought into the story.

“Seiva Bruta” could be literally translated to “Raw Sap”, meaning the white vital fluid that runs inside every plant.

Thank you for your consideration.

Gustavo Milan

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